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AME Announces Changes to Board of Directors

Published on 11/2/2017

November 2, 2017

MANA CAM Conference

Long Beach, California

The Board of Directors of Association of Midwifery Educators (AME) is proud to announce recent changes in its policy for leadership.  AME will soon be calling for nominations for several newly created seats on its Board of Directors:

  • Two dedicated seats for members from African American and Indigenous communities
  • A seat for a public member who is an educator not in the field of midwifery
  • Two seats for CPM student representatives – one from a MEAC program and one from a non-MEAC educational route toward the CPM credential

These changes are made with specific intention to align our leadership with the reality that in our country the systemic oppression of peoples based on race and ethnicity results in poor pregnancy and birth outcomes and that the communities that are currently shouldering the greatest burden of these health disparities are African American and Indigenous communities.

Because midwives are a critical part of the maternity care system that must address this crisis we believe it is our responsibility to support the educators in their efforts to train a workforce of midwives who will be prepared to meet the challenges in our healthcare system.  These changes to our leadership are meant to be a positive impact on the resources, support and continuing education opportunities provided to midwifery educators.

AME is in the process of finalizing the policies and procedures to implement these recent changes and will be posting information to the public on our website and through our Facebook page.  Please watch for our upcoming call for nominations, and talk with any current board members to share your thoughts or questions about these changes to the leadership of AME.   Current board members are:  Wendy Gordon, Courtney Everson, Claudia Booker, Justine Clegg, Trish Ross and Sharon DeJoy.

AME’s Mission: AME supports the people, systems and processes that provide midwifery education to serve the diverse needs of students and communities.

AME’s Vision: We envision a world where high quality midwifery education cultivates a thriving midwifery community and a healthy society.
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