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Academic faculty teach the didactic (academic coursework) portion of midwifery programs. They are responsible for creating new curriculum and courses, revising, teaching and evaluating courses. Schools hold their academic faculty in high regard as they share their expertise with students and guide them in the theoretical and book knowledge to complement clinical training. Some academic faculty teach completely face-­to-­face and some teach completely at-­a-­distance (traditional distance or online), and yet others teach in the hybrid or low-­residency setting (both online and face-to­-face).

Faculty at midwifery schools are often leaders in national maternity care, professional, accreditation, and midwifery organizations. They represent a wide range of specialties in addition to midwifery, including counseling, public health, epidemiology, medicine, holistic health, nutrition, and social work.

AME welcomes academic faculty as members! Please check with your school to see if it already has a membership and ask your director for access, or click here to join AME.


Check out our compilation of Course Resources for Academic Faculty. Here you’ll find tips and resources for teaching critical thinking, course development, and lesson planning courses that are often covered in a midwifery curriculum, including potential textbooks, articles and assignment templates for a multitude of topics.


We’ve also compiled resources on the Nuts & Bolts of Teaching, where educators can learn more about designing an effective course, assessment tools, how to use a variety of teaching methods, and more.