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For Administrators

When we think of schools we automatically think of teachers and students, but it is the administrators managing the day-to-day operations that keep an institution running smoothly. Different schools have different structures. There may be a school president or executive director, usually an academic director, a clinical director and administrative support staff to oversee a wide variety of tasks including admissions, tuition payments and financial aid, fundraising, and record keeping including transcripts. Administrators manage the finances and taxes, personnel and human resources, legal and regulatory issues and may maintain accreditation.

Because many midwifery schools are small, sometimes non­-profit organizations, a few people are responsible for a wide variety of duties and that requires that they be multi­-faceted employees. It can be daunting especially for newer organizations to figure out all of the things needed for a strong, well organized school. AME wants to support the unsung heroes of schools—the administrators who keep it running like a well oiled machine (most of the time anyway!)

Included in this section are Resources for Administrators. Here you’ll find information from accreditation to student admissions to learning management systems.

One of the best resources for administrators is the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC) Accreditation Handbook. If your school is not accredited by MEAC, consider the value of that accreditation. If you are already accredited, consider this a workplan for maintaining administrative strength.

For Clinical/Practicum Directors in MEAC­-accredited programs, AME is delighted to host a Clinical Directors Collaborative that meets monthly via conference calls. Click here for more information.

For Administrative/ Executive/ School Directors in MEAC-­accredited programs, AME is interested in hosting a School Directors Collaborative that would meet monthly via conference calls. Click here for more information.

Starting a midwifery school? Before you begin, read You Can Eat an Elephant. This article summarizes the questions to ask yourself and the steps to undertake as you navigate the process.

Keep in mind that most of the resources provided are generic to educational institutions and not specific to midwifery schools. You’ll have to sort through what is useful and what is not. But this is where you come in! Are you an administrator? Can you share something you’ve learned with other AME members? Let’s share the wealth. We’re all in this together!