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Support and Resources for Achieving Accreditation

AME wants to support ALL educators, whether they are accredited or not, but it also has a strong desire to promote the value of accreditation. It is through accreditation that we can demonstrate accountability and gain credibility. It is a building block of a profession in that accreditation, especially by an agency recognized by the US Department of Education, is considered a measure of expertise and trustworthiness.

Accreditation provides:

  • Assurances to the public that the graduates of these programs have met requirements that have been reviewed and vetted by Certified Professional Midwives and other licensed providers.

  • A level of assurance of the quality of education that graduates of a MEAC accredited program have received.

  • A way to advance the profession.

  • Access to financial aid for students.

  • Positive reputation and recognition for programs and schools as providers of excellence in education.

Of course, the foundation of any profession is in the education of its members. As direct-entry midwifery moves forward, it is important that we be able to assure students of the education they are receiving, assure the public of the preparation of midwives, and assure legislators and regulators of the training of midwives and the safety of midwifery care. Accreditation is the way to demonstrate all of these. More accredited programs will lead to increased access to high quality, affordable educations which will mean more midwives offering women and families the best maternity care available.

Tell AME how we can best support you on your accreditation journey, and to keep improving to maintain your accreditation.

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