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Giving Birth to Midwives -­­ A Newsletter of the Association of Midwifery Educators

Giving Birth to Midwives has been a newsletter of the Association of Midwifery Educators, devoted to providing the most current information and issues in midwifery education, reviewing educational resources, introducing midwifery schools and reviewing the standards for MEAC accreditation. As of 2015, Giving Birth to Midwiveshas transitioned to our blog to provide more up-to-the-minute and timely information to midwifery educators. Below is a listing of our prior newsletters with links to the full articles. URLs referenced in the original articles may not be up-to-date.

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #11, Oct 2014 – “Direct Assessment”

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  • Taking AME, Association News from the President – by Justine Clegg

  • US MERA: Advances in United States Midwifery

  • Direct Assessment

  • Direct Assessment and Accreditation: MEAC Perspective – by Sandra Bitonti Stewart

  • Direct-Assessment: Our Members Speak – by Sharon Bernecki DeJoy

  • Direct Assessment in Clinical Education: The Western Governors University Experience – by Sharon Bernecki DeJoy

  • An Example of Competency-Based Grading in a Midwifery Program – by Nichole Reding

For Further Reading on Direct Assessment
For interested readers, the following websites provide more information on direct assessment (all links working as of October 2014):


Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #10, August 2013

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  • Taking AME, Association News from the President – by Justine Clegg

  • Competency­-Based Midwifery Education – by Breyette Lorntz

  • The CPM Certification Process: Combining Advanced Learning Theory with Time-Honored Tradition – by Ida Darragh

  • Midwives on the Cutting Edge: Competency­-Based Educational Models – by Heidi Fillmore

  • Problem-Based Learning as a Tool for Competency-Based Education – by Pat Burkhardt

  • Electronic Clinical Tracking: Two Direct­-Entry Schools Transition from Paper to Online – by Mary Yglesia

  • Advantages, Disadvantages, and Tips for Electronic Clinical Tracking – by Susi Delaney

  • Understanding Pelvic Soft Tissue Anatomy: Can It Be Done? – by Anne Frye

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #9, May 2013

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  • Taking AME, Association News from the President – by Justine Clegg

  • US Midwifery Education, Regulation, & Association Consensus Meeting – by Justine Clegg

  • Student Research

  • National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Recommendations – by Lisa Delorme

  • 2013 National Birth Center Study II Results – by Maya Bialy

  • Non-­Invasive Prenatal Testing – by Lisa Delorme

  • Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening for the Out­-of-­Hospital Provider – by Lisa Delorme

  • Current Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines – by Maya Bialy

  • 2013 Recommended Immunization Schedule for Adults – by Susi Delaney

  • Institute of Medicine Birth Settings Workshop – by Maya Bialy

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #8, February 2013

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  • Taking AME, Association news from the President – by Justine Clegg

  • Top Ten Tips for Midwifery Admissions Advisors – by Stephanie Safholm

  • Improving Retention Rates in Midwifery Education Programs – by Marla Hicks and Gerri Ryan

  • Admissions at US Midwifery Programs: Survey Results – by Susi Delaney

  • Increasing Cultural Diversity through Scholarships: An Interview with Heidi Fillmore

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #7, October 2012

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  • How Did We Get Here? – by Wendy Gordon and Claudia Booker

  • Social Change Begins in the Classroom: Cultural Humility and Anti­-Oppression Resources for Midwifery Educators – by Courtney Everson

  • A Preceptor’s Perspective – by Aly Folin

  • One School’s Journey to Dismantle Racism in the Classroom – by Mary Yglesia

  • Increasing Cultural Diversity in Midwifery Education and Practice – by Justine Clegg

  • Student Perspective: Why the NARM Cultural Competency Requirement is One of the Best Parts of My Midwifery Training So Far – by Eve German

  • Maternal Health is a Human Right (Graduation Speech from Birthwise Midwifery School) – by Krystel Viehmann

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #6, June 2012

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  • CPM Symposium Report – by Justine Clegg

  • The Road Less Traveled: The Journey from Student to Midwife – by Rachel Elling

  • Graduating Midwifery School – by Kristine Tawater

  • Book Review: Professional Ethics in Midwifery Practice – by Heather Whitley

  • Unity in the Midwifery Profession – by the MCU Student Council

  • The Value of Comprehensive Exams in a Well­-Rounded Midwifery Education – by Mary Yglesia

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #5, March 2012

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  • Letter from the New President of AME – by Justine Clegg

  • Symposium 2012

  • Learning the Pelvic Exam: A New Student’s Perspective – by Eve German

  • Integrating New Students into your Midwifery Program – by Justine Clegg

  • Talking It Out: A Preceptor’s Reflections on Working with Students – by Ana Vollmar

  • Sample Resource: Setting the Stage for Professional Electronic Communication for Student Midwives

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #4, October 2011

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  • Message from the AME President – by Mary Yglesia

  • Reflections on Precepting the Underperforming Student – by Erin Curtiss

  • A Clinical Director’s Week – by Stacey Walden

  • Clinical Department Update from the Midwives College of Utah – by Heather Whitley

  • Sample Practicum/ Preceptor Evaluation Tools

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #2, June 2011

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  • The High-­Tech, Networked Midwifery Student – by Wendy Gordon

  • How the Higher Education Opportunity Act Affects Midwifery Schools – by Julia Reid

  • Featuring Jennie Joseph, LM,CPM, Owner, Faculty and Clinical Preceptor, Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery – by Justine Clegg

Giving Birth to Midwives, Issue #1, Nov 2010

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  • Collaborate on our Website

  • Our November 2010 Meeting

Giving Birth to Midwives, Vol 4 (1)

( download PDF ) 
  • The Student Admission Process

  • A Short Guide to the Academic Transcript

  • Standard 5: Fiscal and Administrative Capacity

  • Building an Effective Board of Directors

Giving Birth to Midwives, Vol 3 (2)

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  • Midwifery Education in a Multi­cultural Environment

  • The Association of Midwifery Educators

  • Helping Midwifery Students with Research

  • In the Literature

  • Standard Four – The Basic Necessities

  • A BOLD Achievement

Giving Birth to Midwives, Vol 2 (2)

( download PDF ) 
  • Clinical Training for Midwives: A survey of midwifery program administrators

  • The Syllabus: The First Step Towards Student Success

  • Uniting Midwives for the Mothers

  • Socrates the Intellectual Midwife

  • The Evolving Role of Seattle Midwifery School’s Faculty

Giving Birth to Midwives, Vol 2 (1)

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  • Issues for Midwifery Faculty: A Survey

  • Good Teachers

  • The Evolving Role of Seattle Midwifery School’s Faculty

  • MEAC Standard #3: Faculty, NARM Requirements for MEAC Students

  • Connecting for Quality Teaching, MEAC Celebrates a Giant Step

  • Sistah Care

  • Sierra Leone Midwives Delegation

Giving Birth to Midwives, Vol 1 (3)

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  • Developing a Midwifery Curriculum

  • Virtual Midwifery Practice at Miami Dade College

  • MEAC Standard 2: Curriculum

  • A Noble Cause – Midwives Delegation to Sierra Leone, West Africa

  • A Letter from Karen, A Seattle Midwife in Indonesia

  • Tools for Talking when the Stakes are High

Giving Birth to Midwives, Vol 1 (2)

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  • The Changing Midwifery Student

  • How to be a Successful Preceptor

  • A Co-­Founder’s Story of National Midwifery Institute

  • Tools for Accreditation, Midwifery Education: International Connections

  • Stories from Afghanistan Bring Perspective, My Vision of Midwifery (Lisa Tildon)

Giving Birth to Midwives, Vol 1 (1)

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  • Outreach to Educators Project

  • Voices of Our Alumni

  • A Ten Year Plan

  • Florida School of Traditional Midwifery’s Birth Center of Gainesville is Honored with the Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Grant

  • Proposal to Start a Case ­Study Bank