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Mission, Vision & Goals

AME’s Mission:

To advance the profession of midwifery education in service to birthing families.

AME’s Vision:

We envision a time when every childbearing family has access to the midwife of their choice; when midwives are the primary care providers during the childbearing year; when midwives are respected and integrated as experts in normal physiologic birth; and when midwifery care is easily accessible, affordable, compassionate, patient-driven, evidence-based, culturally congruent, self-empowering, and community validating for all pregnant persons and birthing families.

We work toward this vision by advancing the effectiveness of midwifery educators, by championing the training of a wide-ranging midwifery workforce for all childbearing communities, and by building a synergistic community of midwifery educators. We see midwifery education as the foundation on which to prepare the next generation of midwives to serve childbearing families and to be change makers in the profession and in their communities. In leading by example in the United States, in working collaboratively with other national and international organizations, and by engaging community-led efforts, we strengthen midwifery education, the midwifery profession, and midwifery care throughout the world.

AME’s Strategic Plan:


    1. Advance the effectiveness of midwifery educators (preceptors and classroom faculty).

      1. Design and deliver professional development program(s) for classroom faculty and for preceptors

      2. Host ongoing educational offerings in up-to-date clinical practice and key issues in the field

      3. Maintain a resource repository for midwifery educators, including both research and clinical resources

    2. Diversify the midwifery education landscape (students, preceptors, academic faculty, programming).

      1. Design and deliver support services for students, especially SMOC and those from non-dominant cultures

      2. Host ongoing educational offerings in equity and access in midwifery education

      3. Maintain a resource repository of best practices in recruitment, retention and success for diverse student and educator bodies

    3. Build a synergistic community of midwifery educators.

      1. Design and deliver an educator support program

      2. Host ongoing educator exchange networking opportunities

      3. Maintain a resource repository of current educator resources in the field (syllabi, etc)

    4. Strengthen organizational capacity.

      1. Establish and maintain partnerships within diverse midwifery, educational, and allied health professions

      2. Increase financial health through a diversified funding portfolio

      3. Develop a marketing and communications plan to demonstrate the value of the association and of professional midwifery education

      4. Build human resources capacity through the Board of Directors, through a permanent Administrative Director, and through a robust volunteer base

      5. Strengthen the organization’s foundation through policies, procedures, website, a virtual HQ

      6. Position the association as a leader and facilitator of midwifery education in the larger midwifery and health professions landscape